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Samwon Eco-Friendly aims at the most effective productivity.
The high-efficiency production method of Turn Table Type which has been developed beyond the scope of the existing Lift Type is the key business of Samwon Eco-Friendly..
The Lift Type which is named because it is lifted by the rack hung on the bus-bar has much middle loss. and the Turn Table Type applied to the existing nickel plating line has a lot of problems in application to the anode oxidation process. Nine patents have been applied on the equipment which has been developed through rebirth after much time and efforts.
Electrolytic degreasing and anode oxidation process at the same time.
Little deviation in thickness between products.
Uniform color
Reduction in process personnel
Simplified process
Appropriate to mass production
Increase in production at the same production cycle
Reduction in process maintenance expense
Reduction in equipment management expense

The automatic dryer is fabricated with low cost and demonstrates 85% dryness. The space problem of the existing dryers in case of installation is resolved in this dryer. It rotates without proceeding in one direction, saving the moving distance of one rotational radius. Narrow space, low cost, and high efficiency -- all three are achieved by Samwon Eco-Friendly.

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Equipment with a wide range of application from general to hard anode oxidation